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Yoga Mat and Straps
Yoga images inside and out

Why Yoga for me?

Initially I chose to do Yoga for me - to restore and come back to myself. Yoga was the time I took each day to reconnect and peel back the layers of years of a hectic lifestyle. Choosing to put my health and wellbeing first and getting on my mat to meditate, breathe, move or chant reshaped the way I lived my life.

Yoga has equipped me with so many tools that help me respond rather than react, to find longer moments of peace in my daily life, to live my truth in myself and in my relationships.My passion is to share this ancient craft of Yoga in practical and accessible ways to suit our lives in the 21st century.

I aim to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for others, to help them find their inner stillness and space on their yoga mat to reunite them with their body and breath. Alongside asana (the shapes we make with our body), I offer breathing practices and meditation techniques to help quieten the mind and bring that sense of stillness that is always available to us.

As a lifelong educator, I want to empower my students to listen to their bodies and emotional energy and choose practices that will serve them in this moment and stage of their lives. I am passionate about helping students find ways to move that suit their body and stage of life, while offering modifications if required.

Class Schedule

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