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Thank you for being here.

My yoga journey is not an uncommon one…​

I had experienced the benefits of Yoga in my twenties and again with pre-natal Yoga during my pregnancies.

But then I found myself in my late 30’s, exhausted, running on the non-stop treadmill of life; juggling motherhood of young children, working as a teacher, renovating, ticking that next task on the to-do list. Life was all too consuming, I was constantly running from one thing to the next.

I then reunited with Yoga. Getting back on the mat gave me space. Space to reflect, space to breathe, space to set intentions and space to reunite myself with my body and how it needs to move. The movement of my body in this nurturing and mindful way made me feel calm and full of ease. Showing up on my mat for some ‘me’ time led me to have more connectedness to myself, my relationships and the world.

This ancient practice has shown me that we are whole and perfect beings in every moment. This is easier to see when we take the space to stop, breathe, and connect with ourselves.


Exploring the practices of meditation and pranayama (breathing practices) made me feel that after a long break, I had arrived home.

I had to know more about this ancient practice and since commencing my training in 2019, I haven’t stopped studying all things Yoga.

I have been grateful to train with Ginny Clarke and Hanuman Das, completing my 200 hour Hatha training, as well as Restorative Training and Breathe Easy module on Pranayama.

I'm genuinely excited and humbled to share my knowledge and teaching of Yoga to all of the Yogis who choose to get on their mats with me and I look forward to where the journey takes us.

Skye - seated
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